As a Sales Engineer at Garden you will help our customers transform and evolve the way they develop backend services through the use of our products. You will use your technical expertise and presentation skills to engage with customers in order to understand their business and technical requirements and present how Garden can help them develop faster and with more confidence.

You will help prospective customers understand the power of Garden, explaining technical features, helping customers design architectures and problem-solving any potential roadblocks.

What you will do

When a lead comes in, you are the first point of contact. You will identify what their stack looks like, what could be improved in their development process and how Garden fits into that solution. It's your job to drive prospects through the pipeline, through technical demo's, setting up (and conducting) POCs and ultimately closing deals.

After onboarding the customer you will continue managing the account, making sure they are satisfied and identifying ways in which we can improve our product to deliver even more value.

What we're looking for

You should have a background in engineering and prior experience in a customer-facing role. The role involves actively assisting customers in their implementation of Garden, so experience with Kubernetes, Docker and serverless functions is a must. Every tech-stack will differ, but you should be comfortable with the major players in each area.

In this role you will interact with people of all levels within an organization. We're looking for someone that knows how to speak to both a CEO and an engineer, and understands their respective concerns.

Garden is a seed-stage company. There is a lot we're still figuring out as we grow and things change quickly. We're looking for people that are excited about actively evolving our team and processes as we scale, identifying what we can do better and pushing for change.