Garden is a development platform for multi-service backend systems. We believe that developing large, complex systems should be as easy and fun as developing a simple monolith. We're tackling one of the hardest problems in the industry, and looking for some great people to join us on our quest to shape the future of software development!

What you will do

As a front-end engineer, you will focus on building a great user experience around all our products. We're working on a new platform of hosted services aimed at individual developers and teams that will complement our open-source Garden CLI, and you will play a crucial role in designing, implementing and maintaining the front-end of this product. This is a complex project, and will require strong capabilities in application architecture.

Some of your key tasks will involve the following:

  • Working on the Garden dashboard (React with hooks, source code available on Github)
  • Building the web UI for the Garden platform - this is entirely greenfield, the init commit is all yours!
  • Implementing design systems and introducing code practices that will be shared across our frontend projects
  • Helping out with our website

Being a self-starter and having an eye for creating usable designs is a definite plus. You will work closely with the rest of our multi-disciplinary engineering team to build a world-class experience for backend developers across the globe.

What we're looking for

The landscape we operate in evolves quickly, and we, therefore, need people that are comfortable working in a fast-paced environment. We pride ourselves on a culture of freedom and responsibility. This means we give each other the space to solve problems the way we see fit, but in turn expect a high level of autonomy and accountability from everyone in the team.

  • You like to work autonomously and you thrive in dynamic environments
  • You can take ownership of an entire frontend project
  • You’ll manage without a full-time designer and you can work your way around blockers
  • You want to take an active part in evolving the engineering culture of Garden
  • You like your user interfaces minimalistic, functional, and consistent (remember, you’re building these products for other developers)
  • You take the time to think about what the user actually needs, or whether they need something at all.

You should have extensive, demonstrable experience taking ownership of application front-ends. Bonus points for familiarity with Node.js, languages such as Go and TypeScript, and modern web frameworks like React, Angular and/or Vue.