Garden is a development platform for multi-service backend systems. We believe that the development of large, complex systems should be as easy and fun as developing a simple monolith. We're tackling one of the hardest problems in the industry, and looking for some great people that want to join us on our quest to shape the future of software development.

Currently our project is open-source (https://github.com/garden-io/garden) and we're working on a commercial offering.

What you will do

As a full-stack engineer, you will work on both the web frontend and the backend of our hosted platform offering. Your main focus will initially be to help build a SaaS product where users can easily sign up to our service, spin up a hosted development environment and start coding against it.

This is a complex project, and your first area of responsibility will be centered on getting some of the SaaS mechanics in place (user sign-up, onboarding flow, billing, etc.) and work on the first iteration of the platform's dashboard. You will work closely together with the rest of our multi-disciplinary engineering team to build a world-class development experience for backend developers across the globe.

What we're looking for

The project is in early stages, so we're in search of someone that can 'fill in the blanks' as we're figuring out a lot of things as we go. You should have *extensive*, demonstrable experience building applications consisting of both front- and backend components. You should also have an eye for creating usable designs. Bonus points for familiarity with Node.js, languages such as Go and Typescript, and modern web frameworks like React.